Our values

Our Guiding Values

• Personal Service and Ethical Business Practices

We believe in giving our customers a warm and pleasant experience, more like an old country store than a giant supermarket. We'll do our best to answer your questions about our products and help you find what you're looking for, particularly if you have special needs. Many of our regulars have become friends! Part of this is ensuring all of our employees earn a living wage, and as a result, many have stayed with us for years. We cooperate with our neighbours and other small businesses to help build a strong local community.

• Sustainable Alternatives

Fresh From the Farm aims to be part of building economically and ecologically sustainable alternatives to the contemporary processes of mass food production. Read more...

• Food Justice

We are part of the movement for “food justice” that has emerged in response to massive, globalized food production. Read more...

• Fair Trade

Fresh From the Farm believes in Fair Trade as an alternative approach to conventional international trade. Fair Trade promotes social equity, economic security and sound environmental practices while providing markets for goods with fair remuneration to the producer. As much as possible, imported goods are sourced from Fair Trade suppliers.  Read more...

• Mennonite philosophy

We partner with Ontario Mennonite farmers, who are part of a pacifist Christian tradition that dates back to the 1500s. There are various flavours of Mennonite practice, both urban and rural. If you're curious, one perspective on how Mennonites respond to contemporary needs and issues such as food security and sustainability can be found on the website of Mennonite Central Committee, a century-old relief, development and peace-building organisation.