FRESH weekly schedule

store interior, reach in fridgesWeekly schedule for FRESH meat, eggs, milk and other perishables.

We partner directly with Amish and Mennonite family farmers who process meat once a week. This means we don’t have a daily influx of products. Every Wednesday our son David drives our refrigerated truck to our partner farms north and west of Kitchener to pick up meat, eggs, and more. So starting on Thursday every week, our fridges are full.

The following schedule for FRESH product availability is subject to change.


  • Meat, vacuum-packed for longer shelf life: an assortment of beef steaks, beef and pork roasts, sausages, chickens and ducks, chicken and turkey parts, ground turkey, and more
  • Eggs: as our eggs are super fresh, directly from the farms, we usually have plenty available
  • Bread: Cliffside Hearth and Gemaro gluten-free bread
  • Produce: varies weekly and seasonally
  • Scones and muffins: Cyrus
  • Meals and sides to go. From our Kitchen. See weekly menu in newsletter


  • Lots of produce, around noon: varies weekly and seasonally
  • Dairy: Harmony organic milk, Hewitts
  • Bread: St John’s
  • Scones and muffins: Cyrus
  • M–C Dairy, every other week


  • Meat: Beef (grass & grain-fed) ~ Pork ~ Poultry
  • Lamb and 100% Grass-fed beef (bi-weekly on alternating weeks, see newsletter)
  • Eggs: Zehrs, Bright Horizon, Sunrise, OK
  • Bread: Cliffside Hearth
  • Scones and muffins: Cyrus


  • Bread: St John’s
  • Scones and muffins: Cyrus


  • Bread: Cliffside Hearth
  • Scones and muffins: Cyrus

Sunday – Monday: CLOSED