Sustainable Alternatives

Fresh From the Farm is an economically and ecologically sustainable alternative to the contemporary processes of mass food production and consumption.

  • We support small family farmers in Ontario by connecting them to an urban market that gives them a fair price for their work. Our products are therefore “fair trade” — and local fair trade at that.
  • We bypass the huge factory food production system, reducing environmental damage and ensuring more nutritious foods.
  • By connecting rural food producers and urban consumers, we close the gap between food production and consumption. This allows us to tell "the story" behind our food. If you would like to know, we can tell you exactly who grew your food or raised the animals, where they did it, and how. We can help you eat produce that's locally in season and offer you humanely raised foods such as "pastured" eggs (where the chickens are allowed to roam outdoors).
  • In this picture Jacqui Schmucker "helps" Sam Zehr feed the hens. 

hens in pasture