Our meat and fish


Looking for beef? Choose from our wide range of steaks and roasts, all of which are raised without hormones or drugs by Wayne Frey and family near Millbank. We offer both 100% grass-fed beef, and grass+grain fed beef.

If you want poultry, choose from our free-range and free-run chicken options, either whole or parts. Our free-run chickens are raised by Paul Martin and family west of Floradale, and are flax-fed so they are designated "Omega 3". And of course they are raised without added hormones or drugs. Our pasture-raised chickens are raised by David and Damaris Schmucker at their family farm, which you can read more about here.

Pork is from local Elmira area farmers—without added hormones or drugs—and is prepared by Andrew Martin and team in Floradale. His farmers sausage is made with quality meat and no fillers, following time-honoured recipes. Lamb is from the Ryan Jantzi family west of Wellesley. 

Providing us with sustainably-raised and wild fish are Kolapore Springs and fisherfolk.