The story of our fish

fish collage

Our sustainably grown and wild fish come directly from fisherfolk and Kolapore Springs.

Fisherfolk provides us with top-of-the-line wild fish: cod, haddock, salmon, shrimp, scallops, and fish cakes.

They are committed to providing you with the freshest, highest quality, natural Canadian fish and seafood while respecting the oceans, lakes, and those who do the fishing. They support fishers directly at the source to ensure the use of fishing practices that maintain the balance of healthy oceans, lakes and local fishing communities.

Fisherfolk always considers the long hours and effort that are put into harvesting, cultivating and producing high-quality fish. With so much competition to do everything cheaper, there is unsurmountable pressure on fisheries to offload costs in ways that sacrifice product, people and heritage. It is Fisherfolk’s hope, that through the quality fish they provide, they help to keep self-sustaining, proud fisher folk doing what they love for generations to come.

Kolapore Springs provides us with locally grown, spring fed fresh and smoked trout along with wild whitefish and wild cold smoked salmon.

The source of the hatchery's cold spring water comes down from cloud formation, filters down through the limestone, and then travels below the forest floor, picking up minerals, enzymes and nutrients along the way.

Their trout feed on fairy shrimps (giving their flesh the signature pink hue), mosquitoes, midges and minnows. They are supplemented with a feed mix made up of plant protein (flax, soy and corn).

As a result of their premium diet, there's no need for added growth hormones or antibiotics because the inland spring water is largely self-correcting. Gravity does most of the work to keep the water properly oxygenated to prevent bacteria growth!

Because trout are naturally very slow growing fish, they aren't harvested until they reach 3 years old.

Kolapore’s founder Sean and his staff carefully tend to the trout, resulting in a beautiful firm flesh and fantastic flavour. Sean takes great care to ensure the fish aren't overcrowded, catching them exclusively with dip nets.