Our produce

produce stand

We partner with Ontario Amish and Mennonite farmers along with local organic growers to provide you with amazingly fresh and delicious sustainably-produced fruits and vegetables, grown without all the pesticides you've come to expect in supermarket produce, and close to home so they are picked at their peak and don't need to travel far. (Some produce in winter is imported.)

Pfennings Organic Farms near Baden also provide us year round with organic fruits and vegetables. Nacho and Mimi at Reyes Farms in the Niagara peninsula supply us with sustainably grown fruit.  Meadow Sweet Farm provides us with creative micro salad mixes. Our son and his three-generation family north of Uxbridge have a one-acre garden that produces from May until November. The Amish community near Alymer also.

Watch the store each week during the Ontario harvest season for new varieties, and eat with the seasons to enjoy the very best from our local farms and market gardens.

And yes, we do carry fantastic home-canned fruit, frozen vegetables, and imported items that can't be grown here, like avocados, oranges, and bananas!