Delicious ways to get your daily bread


We may not live by bread alone, but living without bread just isn’t as satisfying. Especially when the bread on your table is as good as this.

Schmucker’s Fresh From the Farm offers bread from some of the very best local bakeries, such as St. John’s Bakery, an award-winning nonprofit social enterprise that daily bakes up some of Toronto’s best natural-yeast breads and sweets.


We carry delicious varieties such as walnut raisin sourdough, a crusty loaf that’s the perfect touch of sweetness at breakfast; cilantro olive, a savoury loaf great with dinner; and Celtic multigrain sourdough, a robust loaf that includes a variety of seeds (pumpkin, flax, sunflower), oats and flours (heritage wheat, rye, millet). Great with a smear of sweet butter or a really good cheese from our dairy selection! If you’re cutting down on simple carbs, this is a great way to go for fibre-rich, wholegrain goodness, made with organic ingredients, locally sourced when possible, and baked by the traditional slow French method. Buying St. John’s bread, you’re also helping refugees, single moms and other struggling people find training and employment. A delicious win-win!


St. John’s also supplies us with fantastic ginger cookies and banana bread, with the homemade look and taste of Grandma’s.


Another fine local baker you’ll find on our shelves is Cliffside Hearth, which creates small-batch, handmade breads like Cracked Spelt Sourdough, a beautiful rustic loaf made with an ancient grain, or Woodstock seeded, with organic whole wheat, sprouted quinoa; sunflower, flax, sesame, poppy, and fennel seeds, millet and honey.


If you’re cutting out gluten, going vegan, or are sensitive to other ingredients typically found in supermarket bread, we’ve got great choices for you, too.


You’ll love the beautiful handmade sweets from Family Bakery Cafe, too, like the lemon shortbread cookies filled with apricot jam, and tarts from Yatton Home Baking (horse and buggy Mennonites).

We have delicious organic sweets from Cyrus, in flavours like cherry and cream cheese muffins, blueberry or lemon-cranberry scones, and vegan, gluten-free brownies.

Bread loaf

One more thing: don’t forget flatbreads! We have tortillas (corn, white flour, whole wheat or spelt), gluten-free wraps (free of wheat and dairy), and taco shells in purple corn and Mexican spice. Warm and fill with spicy ground beef, chicken, beans or any other filling you like for great soft tacos, or sandwich shredded cheese between a couple of tortillas and toast on a griddle or heavy frying pan for an easy, delicious quesadilla. It’s just one of many ways to add healthy whole grains to your family’s meals and snacks.


Stop by Schmucker’s Fresh From The Farm for your daily bread—and then some!