Too busy for grocery shopping? WE DELIVER!

buggy on the road

Delivery days: 
Thursday 5;30–8:30pm
Friday 5;30–8:30pm
Saturday 9:30am–12:00pm

We deliver throughout the City of Toronto.

Delivery charge:

The delivery charge is determined by your address and postal code. It will be added to your order automatically.

There are four delivery areas, with charges of $10, $15, $20, and $25.

Be sure to provide the best phone number to reach you when we deliver.

Ordering to receive groceries at your door:

1.  Order online: click the "delivery" tab, then choose date and time. Be sure to provide the best email address and phone number to reach you.

2. Order deadlines: Order by Wednesday night for delivery that week (Thursday evening or Saturday morning).

3.  Additional options:​

* To order produce: call or email us after ordering online order.

* In-store shopping. If preferred, you can shop in store as usual, then ask us to deliver your purchase.

* Order via email: You may also order via email: specify each item and include delivery information (date above.


Pay by e-transfer or credit card BEFORE DELIVERY.

We'll email you with an itemised invoice and instructions on how to send us an e-transfer. Or you may call us for credit card payment. 


Each week there are three options: Thursdays and Friday evenings, and Saturday morning to afternoon. We cannot guarantee exact time. You must be at home to receive your order.

We commit to insuring that your order is delivered complete and in good condition. We will ask you to sign that the order has been delivered as expected. 

What happens if...

 ... you are not at home: We will return your order to the store, where you can pick it up. You may also schedule a second delivery at additional cost.

 ... we are late: We will call ahead of time to make arrangements. We will do our best to stay within the time frame.

 ... you live in a condo or apartment building: We will call you upon arriving. Please come down to the lobby/entrance.