Mediterranean Olive Oil: Our Distinct Lines

taste testing olive oil

From Greece and Palestine!


Spartan Rolling Hills olive oils and olives are from their groves in southern Peloponnese in Laconia Greece, one of the world’s renowned areas for excellent olive oils. They consistently produce the best oils, due to their focused attention to quality, including hands on with all aspects of cultivation, harvest, processing, bottling, and distribution.

Zatoun: Fair trade and of the highest quality, Zatoun olive oil is delicate yet full-bodied with a sweet, smooth taste and a peppery finish. Ideal for a wide range of delicious uses and perfect for gift giving. Zatoun offers fair trade olive oil from Palestine to connect people in Canada to the history, culture and challenges of the Palestinian people and the land. Zatoun hopes to raise awareness of a troubled land desperately needing a just resolution for the sake of world peace.