Celebrate summer with a perfect steak on the grill

Steak being grilled

Summer in Ontario is BBQ time! Check out these tips from the pros.


You’re in for a treat with our locally raised meat, always produced without antibiotics or hormones.

Grilling steak just right can be a little intimidating if you don’t do this often, or your guests are known to be picky. But it’s pretty simple if you follow some basic rules:

  1. Remove steaks from the fridge 20 minutes before grilling, keeping them covered so they can warm to room temp.
  2. Get the grill (gas or charcoal) good and hot, and brush the steaks with canola or olive oil on both sides, seasoning well with salt and pepper or a flavour mix like Montreal steak spice.
  3. Put steaks on the grill and cook until slightly charred and golden brown, 4-5 minutes. Then turn them ONCE and grill for another 3 to 10 minutes, depending on how well done you like them.
  4. Transfer to a platter and tent loosely with foil for at least 5 minutes.

A dinner

Here’s a clever expert’s way to tell if your steak is done the way you like it. Try this with one of our delicious Tenderloin, New York strip, T-bone or Ribeye cuts.

Press a finger on the thickest part of the meat and compare how firm it feels using this test.

  1. Hold a hand open and press down with a finger from the opposite hand on the fleshy area at the base of your thumb. That’s what a raw steak feels like.
  2. Now, press your thumb and pointer finger together, then feel the same area at the base of the thumb. That’s what “rare” feels like.
  3. Third finger and thumb - medium-rare.
  4. Ring finger and thumb: medium well.
  5. Pinkie and thumb: well done. 

If you’re having trouble picturing this, check out this video.

If that’s too vague for you, you can also use a digital meat thermometer:

  • Rare (cool red centre) is 125ºF
  • Medium rare (warm red centre) 135ºF
  • Medium (warm pink centre) 145ºF
  • Medium well (slightly pink centre) 150ºF
  • Well done is 160ºF.


Take your steak off the grill when it hits 5 degrees below that number, because it will continue to cook a little as it rests. Just enough time to get the salad, vegetables and other wonderful summer accompaniments on the table. (You can pick up local, in-season veggies from our produce department, too. Check out our asparagus, mini Bella mushrooms, red and mixed bell peppers, and zucchini, all of them delicious dressed with a little oil and herbs and lightly grilled next to those steaks.)


Enjoy your cookout from Schmucker’s Fresh From The Farm and our wonderful local farmers!

Steak on the BBQ