Our 100% Ontario dairy

Dairy Collage

Explore our wide variety of 100% Ontario organic and specialized milk, butter and cheese.

If you love dairy foods, you may have heard that the “new NAFTA” treaty allows more dairy products from the U.S. to enter Canada, and with it the possibility that we’ll be getting milk from cows treated with artificial hormones and raised in huge factory farms.

At Schmucker’s Fresh From the Farm, you can be sure the dairy products and vegan-friendly dairy alternatives you take home to your family are 100% Ontario-produced on family farms. Plus, you’ll find a wide variety of specialty products that can be hard to find elsewhere.

If you appreciate the old-fashioned look and taste of traditional milk, try our Harmony organic milk, which comes in a returnable glass bottle: 1%, 2%, and full fat — which is even available in a non-homogenized variety so you can skim the cream off the top like great-grandma did. You can buy Harmony milk in 4-litre bags, too, or for a special treat try the chocolate-vanilla flavour. We also have Harmony buttermilk, table and whipping cream, lactose-free milk and even egg nog in season.

Have trouble digesting milk? It may not be lactose intolerance. Our 100% Guernsey milk (from the Guernsey breed) contains the natural A2 beta-casein protein, which is said to be better for people with issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, skin rashes and allergies. Our co-owner Jacqui, who can’t tolerate regular milk, loves our Eby Manor Guernsey milk.

Many people also enjoy goat milk as an alternative. We even have it in 4-litre bags for families, as well as goat milk sour cream, whey, probiotic yogurt (would you believe it comes in a yummy blueberry maple flavour?), smoothies, ice cream, kefir, and butter. And don’t get us started on our variety of goat’s milk cheeses!

We have a huge variety of small-producer cheeses: Biemond, Bright, L’ancetre and Monforte. If you’re feeling adventurous, try our sheep’s milk products, including cheeses and yogurts that go by the delightful brand name Best Baa! And then there are our water buffalo products — you heard right, water buffalo, from a farm right here in Ontario! — including butter and various aged cheeses. Now there’s a conversation starter for your next wine-and-cheese gathering.

Image removed.If you’re not doing dairy in any form, be sure to check out our alternatives, such as almond milk, coconut milk (regular and kefir), almond & cashew yogurt, and even almond coffee cold brew. We have vegan cheeses like Red Rind or Smoky Artichoke “Nuts for Cheese.”

And to top off the meal here’s something everyone around the table can enjoy: gelato! Vegan gelato comes in various flavours such as Grinning Face, a handmade non-dairy frozen dessert made with coconut milk. Our non-dairy gelato flavours also include vanilla, chocolate, mango, coconut and banana.

Come explore our dairy section the next time you’re at Schmucker’s Fresh From The Farm. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you find whatever you’re looking for!