Delicious eggs from happy hens!

hens pasture Jacqui and Sam Zehr

Eggs are nature’s wonder food, a tidy little package full of protein that builds muscle and supplies sustained energy. Fast and easy to cook in various ways, they’re great for breakfast, to pack in a lunch, to top a salad or even add a luscious garnish to a dinner entree. Eggs are a must in any skilled cook’s kitchen: they emulsify sauces like mayonnaise, bind foods like meat loaf, leaven sponge cakes, clarify soups, and thicken custards; they add flavour, colour, moisture and nutrition to any number of baked goods.

If you’re going meatless, naturally produced eggs from Schmucker’s Fresh From The Farm are a fabulous way to ensure you’re getting your full complement of protein, as well as iron, folates and a number of micronutrients. Yes, they got a bad rap for years, but science has concluded that eating up to three eggs a day is good for you and can even raise your “good” HDL cholesterol.

And they taste great! Especially when they come from happy hens that are free to run around in an outdoor environment and eat natural foods — and are delivered straight from the farm without the long period of refrigerated storage typical in supermarket eggs.

If you’ve ever tried truly fresh free-range eggs, you know there’s a difference. At Fresh From The Farm, you don’t need to keep your own backyard hens to get that deep colour, fresh stand-up yolk, superior nutrition and delicious flavour.

We sell the real thing: free-range, pastured, grass-fed eggs from the Sam Zehr family farm near Millbank Ontario, as well as free-range eggs from heritage breeds from Murray's Farm. “Free range” means they always have outdoor access where their food supply is supplemented by natural greens and insects they peck for themselves, boosting that great taste and nutrition. Available in sizes from medium to extra large, these are the kind of healthy, natural eggs your great-grandma enjoyed as a girl!

We also offer “free-run” (cage-less) brown eggs from hens fed with flax, which gives these eggs an extra dose of heart-healthy Omega 3s.

For something a little bit different, try our gourmet quail eggs (a carton of two dozen is just $5.95). We also have a limited supply of duck and goose eggs.

Since Easter is coming up, if you want white eggs (not free-run) for decorating purposes, we’ll have those available too. Just ask!

So, as they say, get cracking — and enjoy the best eggs you’ve ever tasted, from Schmucker’s Fresh From The Farm.

sam and Jacqui outside