Free-range pastured heritage eggs, from our family to yours!

hens in field

Raised by our son David, his wife Damaris, and her parents. With the assistance of our grandchildren!

Bright Horizon is a three-generation Mennonite farm, but unlike many of our producers, David & Damaris were urban kids who pursued their dream of giving their children a rural life by buying a farm north of Toronto some years ago. Just like the meat chickens they produce, their hens have plenty of space and are outdoors all day where they can peck at grasses and veggies scraps from the family kitchen, chase and eat bugs, and enjoy making dust baths.

The hens are also fed a high-quality, locally grown feed, but all these extras in their diet contribute to their eggs’ flavour.  

Ensuring a healthy environment for the hens is part of their ethical aim as farmers, Damaris says. “We do our best to take care of them and treat them well and give them a good life.” The heritage breeds are Rhode Island Red and Barred Plymouth Rock

 Having her parents join them has helped immeasurably, she says. They both grew up as subsistence farmers in a Mennonite community in Paraguay, where they learned a huge range of practical skills. “They come at it with so much instinctive knowledge about raising hens; it’s been wonderful working with them,” Damaris says. "They have the ability to just notice things, and they’re really in tune with the hens’ needs.”

Now’s your chance to sample the delicious results. Drop by Schmucker’s Fresh From The Farm for fresh eggs from Bright Horizon Farm!