November Respite

farm scene

Reflections by a dear friend, Brent Klassen of Heartwood Farm and Cidery

"As the warmth of summer drifts to memory and the days grow shorter, we settle into November. Situated on the calendar between the revelry of Thanksgiving in October and the epic, culture-spanning celebrations of late December, the only distinguishing feature of its 30 days is Remembrance Day - a time of solemn reflection. As months go, it's a bit nondescript, isn't it? 

But maybe that's exactly the point of November. Perhaps we're invited to be more still, more observant. To embrace the encroaching darkness, to gradually build our tolerance to the cold. To put away the vegetable gardens, stoke the fires, prepare the barn to safeguard animals from winter's chill.

November is an outbreath, respite between the busyness of summer and the activities of the holiday season. May your November offer a time to pause and reflect." 

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