What We Are About

Fresh From the Farm partners with Ontario’s Amish and Mennonite farmers to provide you with quality, organic or hormone-free and drug-free food. At the same time we provide small family farmers with an urban market that gives them a fair price for their work. Essentially, our partnerships bridge the growing divide between rural food producers and urban consumers. Fresh From the Farm is the crucial link between you, our customer, and the people who grow your food. Finally, at Fresh From the Farm we pride ourselves on providing you with a traditional personal service.

  • Sustainable Alternatives

    Fresh From the Farm is an economically and ecologically sustainable alternative to the contemporary processes of mass food production and consumption.

  • Food Justice Movement

    Fresh From the Farm is a part of the “food justice” movement. This movement has emerged in response to the globalization of massive food production which has resulted


  • Fair Trade

    Fresh From the Farm believes in Fair Trade as an alternative approach to conventional international trade. Fair Trade promotes social equity, economic security and sound environmental practices.


  • Mennonites

    Fresh From the Farm partners with Ontario Mennonite farmers. A Mennonite perspective on political, social, spiritual, and peacemaking activities can accessed through the Read more...

  • Recycle and Reuse

    We welcome you bringing re-usable bags to carry your food. We also sell canvas bags.
    Unfortunately, we can no longer re-use egg cartons; the City Health department has prohibited us