Turkey and trimmings for your Thanksgiving feast!

thanksgiving collage

You’ll never taste more juicy, delicious Thanksgiving turkey than ours -- available at peak freshness. “Best turkeys in Toronto!”

Two options from horse & buggy Mennonite families: Martin family's flax-fed free-run and Weber family's pastured free-range.

Read an interview with our farmers Paul and David here.


#1 - Paul Martin family, west of Elmira: Raised drug-free in an open barn, fed a special grain mixture that contains no animal byproducts but does include flax, which makes the meat especially tender and delicious. Try one of these flavourful turkeys once and you’ll never buy a supermarket bird again!. These are the turkeys we’ve provided for past 20 years. Drug-free. $5.19/lb 

#2 – David Weber family in Bruce county: Raised out on fresh pasture, so has eaten grass along with top-quality non-GMO feed with no fillers. Drug-free. $6.69/lb

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