From our Kitchen

Sep 15, 03:58 PM

Snacks, lunches, meals:

Soup. Lasagna. Burritos. Patties. Meat pies.


  • Chili - beef, turkey and vegetarian
  • Cooked and marinated beets (whole)

Meat pies: Tourtière and Beef. Chicken Pot Pie, Shepherd’s Pie. Gluten-free options available.

Burritos and Patties (empanadas): beef, vegetable, chicken.

Lasagna: Beef, Vegetable, Chicken. Gluten-free options available.

Soup: Lentil-Quinoa-Veggie, Barley with Sausage, Beef Vegetable Quinoa, Chicken Noodle. Plus chicken stock.

Burgers and Meatballs: seasoned beef and turkey.