Chicken and Poultry

Feb 11, 12:55 AM

Paul Martin, an Old Order Mennonite, with his family raise our chickens on their farm west of Floradale, Ontario. These free-run chickens are fed a custom, non-medicated feed 

prepared by a local feed company. Natural flax seed is added to make these chickens an excellent source of Omega3. This feed contains no animal by-products or other additives. 

Because of the natural protein levels in the feed, these chickens take twice as long to grow as commercially raised birds. This creates a very flavourful, dense meat which has minimal shrinkage when cooked.

Paul's chickens are raised in a free-run environment with over twice the allotted space to run as conventional barns provide. Chicken is available whole, quartered or by individual cuts (frozen).

Paul and family have raised chickens and other poultry for us for over 16 years.